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The number of people who decide to get away for Christmas, for New Year or even at the start of the New Year is on the rise. With the cost of Christmas and the traditional weather we suffer at this time of year, you can see why many people would prefer to get away at this time. It may not be a traditional Christmas or festive period but every tradition has to start somewhere. Getting away in winter can provide people with the pick-me-up they need to push on for the rest of the year and if you are looking to start 2017 on a high, booking a trip to warmer or sunnier climes may be just what you need.

Of course, the reason for your trip may be to see family members or friends as opposed to focusing on the need for a warmer climate. You could even have to make a trip at the start of the New Year for work purposes, so there is no shortage of reasons why people have to travel in winter. There are usually a number of things you have to take care of when planning a trip and if you have pets at home, you have to make sure that they are well looked after. If you cannot find someone to look after your pet or at least pop in on them to see how they are doing, you need to be proactive and make sure your pet is well cared for.

Choose the best cattery in East Grinstead

There is a great deal to be said for placing them with professionals. If you are looking for the best standard of dog kennels East Grinstead has to offer, you will find that Hammerpond Kennels and Cattery is the firm to trust. This is a company that was set up by animal lovers and they take great pride in looking after your dogs and cats to the highest possible standard. When you cannot be with your pet, you need to make sure that it is properly cared for and this is why you should choose a reliable local dog kennel or cattery.

While cats are largely independent creatures, you don’t want to leave them by themselves for too long. If you are looking to take a trip, you should research the finest cattery in East Grinstead. You’ll find that Hammerpond Kennels and Cattery comes highly recommended and it is likely to be a place that provides you with fantastic peace of mind.

No matter where you are heading to, if you cannot take your pets, you need to be sensible in looking out for them. For more details visit: http://www.hammerpondkennels.co.uk/

Catteries Haywards Heath Cat Owners Can Rely On

If you have to be away from home and you cannot find someone to look after your cat for you, it makes sense to place your cat in a trusted cattery. This means you can be confident that your cat is being looked after by professionals, which gives you one less thing to worry about. Pet owners will naturally be concerned about the wellbeing of their pet when they are away from it, so anything which helps to minimise this anxiety has to be seen as a good thing.

While some people may look for the cattery that is most conveniently located for them, this shouldn’t be the only factor that comes into consideration. Yes, the cattery does need to be within easy reach of you and your home, but if this is your only criteria you may find that you end up choosing the wrong people to look after your let.

This is why you need to consider the reputation of the catteries that are within easy reach of your home. You should be looking for the most trusted or best value for money catteries Haywards Heath has to offer. Some people will look for the cheapest cattery but in the long run, this may be an unwise decision.

Opt for the finest cattery in East Grinstead

This is because you cannot judge the quality you will receive by price. There will be times when a low cost option meets your needs but there will be many times when it doesn’t. When you are looking for the best option for a cattery in East Grinstead, your focus should be on the standard of service you receive and then whether this justifies the cost. Obviously, you can’t say that money is no object, you will have a budget you need to comply with, but you need to find a viable and affordable option.

This is why an option like the Hammerpond Kennels and Cattery is a smart choice. This is an option which has developed an excellent reputation in the local community and it is run by a team of animal lovers. This should always be the starting point when it comes to finding a good kennel or cattery but there needs to be more on offer.

You want to find a cattery with clean and spacious surroundings and you want to ensure that the staff has the skills and expertise to care for your pet. In this regard, Hammerpond Kennels and Cattery is the best option in East Grinstead and Haywards Heath. Click here for more detail.

Why an Outside Kennel would Great for your Dog!

If you have a good-sized garden an outside dog kennel is a great idea for your dog. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes of dog kennel to choose from, either a small one to nestle in the corner of the garden or a big one with a run area alongside it. Be sure to choose a clean, dry area that isn’t open to strong winds if you go for one of the smaller types, so that your dog doesn’t get over-exposed in draughts and rain.

Your dog should be able come and go from his dog kennel but should have either a dog run or a garden to run around in. Dog kennels in East Grinstead are usually made out of high quality timber that has been treated to withstand the weather or that is tantalised so that last for 20 years of maintenance-free use. It’s also important that the dog kennel, whatever its size, is lifted slightly from the ground to prevent rising damp and rotting. Click here for dog kennels or catteries.

The space where your dog lives might need to be enclosed if you letting him have the run of the garden but remember that dogs like to dig so you will want to make sure that the fence is not only high enough but also sunken into the soil enough so that the dog can’t get out. If you go for a larger kennel with adjoining dog run, then you can rest assured your dog will not escape - only if you leave the door open!

Your dog kennel must have a comfortable, easily accessible door along with at-least half of the house having shade to protect them from the sun. There are endless amounts of options when it comes to dog kennels in the market and it’s just a matter of deciding what would be the best fit for your dog to keep them happy and healthy.

If you’re unable to invest in your own kennel for your dog and need to travel but can’t take them with you, then feel free to contact Hammerpond Kennel and Cattery - yes, we also provide the best cattery East Grinstead way - and we can see about housing your boy or girl dog until you return. Contact us today on 01403 891825 or email us on angie@hammerpondkennels.co.uk

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